Model OIB-1 and Model OIB-3 Operating
Impedance Bridges

Model OIB-1
Operating Impedance Bridge
Model OIB-3
Operating Impedance Bridge


    The Model OIB-1 and Model OIB-3 Operating Impedance Bridges measure the operating impedance of antennas, networks, transmission line sections, and the common point of directional antenna systems while they are functioning at operating power levels. Both bridges operate with a through power of up to 5,000 Watts, and thus, provide an impedance measurement of the load while operating in its normal environment with RF power applied. This "operating impedance" cannot be measured by classical impedance bridge methods because the system characteristics are disrupted when the bridge is inserted in the circuit. Since classical design bridges are incapable of handling large amounts of power, they measure the low level impedance which may be different at operating power levels due to coupled impedances or impedance variations with power. The Operating Impedance Bridge applies almost all of the source power to the load thereby minimizing interfering effects from adjacent antennas or from strong signals on nearby frequencies. The OIB-1 and OIB-3 Operating Impedance Bridges thus satisfy a critical test equipment requirement of consulting and broadcast station engineers.

    The Operating Impedance Bridge connects directly in series with the transmission line, network, or antenna. The transmitter power is applied and a bridge balance is obtained by manipulating the R and X dials on the front of the bridge. A null reading on the front panel meter indicates bridge balance. Operating resistance and reactance are then read directly from the bridge dials. The bridge can also be used with the Delta RG-4B Receiver/Generator or other receiver/generator equipment to make impedance measurements. The bridge has been accepted by the FCC for measurement of license common point impedance. Application Bulletin No.1 and Application Bulletin No. 3 describe additional measurement capabilities of the Operating Impedance Bridge.

    The OIB-3 Operating Impedance Bridge is an advanced version of the industry standard OIB-1. It provides all of the OIB-1 features plus extended resistance and reactance ranges, and an improved meter amplifier. The OIB-3 is furnished in a rugged drawn aluminum enclosure and does not require an additional carrying case.

    The  Model CPB-1, CPB-1A and CPB-1B Common Point Impedance Bridges are similar to the portable Model OIB-1 and OIB-3 bridges, but are designed for permanent installation in the phasing equipment at the antenna common point.

Optional Transport Case

    A custom transport case is available for the OIB-3. The Hardigg Storm case incorporates a custom foam insert to securely protect the unit during transport. The lockable and airtight case includes casters with an extension handle. The order number for the OIB-3 Transport Case is 746-0008.

OIB-3 Transport Case


Frequency Range: 500 kHz to 5 MHz
Through Power Rating  5 kW modulated; 10 kW carrier only, with VSWR 3:1
Insertion Effect: Equal to 9 inches of 150-ohm line
    OIB-1: Direct reading in R, -400 to +400 ohms
Direct reading in X, -300 to +300 ohms at 1 MHz
Measures VSWR, Zo = 0 to 400 ohms
Indicates relative forward and reflected power
    OIB-3: Direct reading in R, -1000 to +1000 ohms
Direct reading in X, -900 to +900 ohms at 1 MHz
R and X, 2% 1 ohm. Dials individually calibrated and engraved. For high reactance to resistance ratio, the resistance accuracy is reduced. A correction equation and curve is supplied for these high Q measurements.
RF Source: Transmitter, transmission line, etc., or signal generator with adapting connector
Detector: Internal for high power source. BNC connector on front panel for external detector when used with signal generator. For the OIB-1, an amplifier for the internal detector is available as a factory installed option. For the OIB-3, the RF amplifer for the internal detector is standard.
Terminals: Input and output are large UHF receptacles (UG-357/U). Standard 18" input and output clips supplied with bridge. Optional 12" leads at no extra cost when specified with order.
Accessories: MJ-50 Meter Jack
BP-50 Bridge Plug
Connector Adapters:
      Large UHF to BNC Female (D81-13-1)
      BNC Female to N Male (D81-76-1)
      BNC Male to N Male (D81-76-2)
      Large UHF to N Female (D81-77-1)
      N Male to UHF Female (D81-100-1)
Dimensions: OIB-1: 12-1/2" wide by 9-1/2" high by 5-1/4" deep
OIB-3: 13-1/2" wide by 10" high by 8" deep
Weight: OIB-1: 10 lbs
OIB-3: 15 lbs
Order Numbers: OIB-1 w/18" Leads:  920-0001-001
OIB-1 w/12" Leads:  920-0001-002
OIB-3 w/18" Leads:  920-0006-001
OIB-3 w/12" Leads:  920-0006-002

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