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Model RAS-10A
Receiving Antenna System



The RAS-10A Receiving Antenna System is a horizontal dipole antenna system offering exceptional performance in the 3 to 30 MHz range. The antenna system consists of a forty foot fan dipole antenna terminating in a special coupler/compensator unit. In some applications, particularly in urban areas, the local man-made radiation is the major cause of poor signal to noise ratios. This degradation can be reduced by minimizing the direct circulation of noise currents within the antenna system. A balanced, horizontal dipole antenna, such as the RAS-10A, has a high attenuation to coaxial sheath currents, resulting in an improved S/N ratio in the presence of local radiation.

The coupler/compensator unit matches the impedance of the antenna to the standard 75 ohm coaxial impedance. This unit is located in the center of the antenna in a weather proof container and has been specifically designed to withstand high level radiation from nearby transmitters.


The RAS-10A mounts as a horizontal fan array with the coupler at the center. The supplied dipole antennas are each 20 feet in length and are designed to be installed with a 2 foot separation at the ends. The antenna system height above ground is dependent on the particular application. A minimum height of 20 feet is recommended.


System Components and Order Numbers

The standard Model RAS-10A is supplied as a complete receiving antenna system with antenna, coupler/compensator unit, coupler mounting hardware and mating Type N connector. Systems without the antenna and/or without the mating Type N connector are optionally available. Replacement coupler units are also available. Order numbers for these different configurations are as follows:

962-0003-001   RAS-10A Receiving Antenna System
962-0003-002   RAS-10A without antenna and mating connector
962-0003-003   RAS-10A without mating connector
962-0003-004   RAS-10A coupler/compensator unit only


Frequency Range:
3 to 30 MHz

Frequency Response:
A one volt per meter impinging field will produce 1.8 volts ±3 dB into a 75 ohm load.

Power Rating:
100 watts input at coupler antenna terminals for 15 minutes at 25° C ambient with coupler terminated into 75 ohm load.

Load Impedance:
75 ohms

40 foot two wire fan dipole. Radiation patterns are substantially that of dipole cut to frequency.

Output Connector:
Type N (Mating UG-603A/U supplied)

Coupler - 12 ounces

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