Model RCCR-1 X 4 Remote Controlled
Coaxial Relay

General Description of the Model RCCR-1 X 4 

     The Model RCCR-1 X 4 Remote Controlled Coaxial Relay provides locally and remotely controlled RF switching between one transmitter rated at up to 2 kW average power/6 kW peak power and four antennas operating over a DC to 32 MHz frequency range. The RCCR-1 X 4 provides four momentary pushbutton switches to locally select the antenna to be connected to the transmitter. The pushbutton switch associated with the selected antenna illuminates to indicate the connection of the antenna to the transmitter. The RCCR-1 X 4 unkeys the transmitter via the interlock circuit prior to RF switching to prevent hot RF switching. Upon completion and verification of the RF switching, the RCCR-1 X 4 closes an interlock relay to enable the transmitter to be keyed. The RCCR-1 X 4 is equipped with a RS-232 or RS-422 serial data interface to enable remotely controlled RF switching. The RCCR-1 X 4 will implement correctly formatted connect messages and will respond to status requests with a message detailing the antenna connected to the transmitter, interlock status, local/remote mode and fault status.

     The modular design of the Remote Controlled Coaxial Relay accommodates different transmitter/antenna switching requirements ranging from 1 transmitter/2 antennas to 1 transmitter/8 antennas as well as 2 transmitters/2 antennas transfer switching. Different RF power levels and operational frequency ranges varying from 2 kW average at 32 MHz/500 W average at 400 MHz to 750 W average at 32 MHz/200 W average at 400 MHz are accommodated by equipping the unit with alternate coaxial relay types or connectors. The microprocessor logic used in the RCCR-1 X 4 facilitates adaptation of the program to meet special customer requirements such as custom serial interface formats or descriptive labels for the transmitter and the antennas.

Serial Data Interface

     The standard serial interface is per RS-232 or RS-422 using ASCII characters for control and status information. The serial data format is compatible with computer programs developed for the Delta Model MCU-8C Matrix Control Unit, Model MCU-9C Matrix Control Unit, Model MSSI Medium Switch Serial Interface or Model LSSI Large Switch Serial Interface applications. Consult factory for optional serial data formats or interfaces. 

     The standard serial interface characteristics are 7 data bits per character, one start bit, programmable one or two stop bits and programmable even or odd parity. The baud rate is switch selectable with standard data rates from 50 to 19,200. The serial input circuit provides a high input impedance and the serial output circuit is programmable for either active or tristate to enable serial data bus communication circuits.

Control and Status Word Formats

A.      Connect Command (Remote Control System to RCCR-1 X 4):
     CR LF ADRS C T1 T2 A1 A2 X
B.      Status Command (Remote Control System to RCCR-1 X 4):
     CR LF ADRS S T1 T2 X
C.      Status Response (RCCR-1 X 4 to Remote Control System):
     CR LF ADRS S T1 T2 A1 A2 F M I PS ETB
D.      Complete Status Command (Remote Control System to RCCR-1 X 4):
E.      Complete Status Response (RCCR-1 X 4 to remote Control System):
     CR LF ADRS S T1 T2 A1 A2 I F M PS ETB

The characters are defined as follows:

CR    =     ASCII Carriage Return
LF     =     ASCII Line Feed
ADRS =     Coaxial Switch Control Panel Address (Switch Selectable);
    ASCII characters 0 - 9 and A - F (Factory set to ASCII 1) 
C =     Command Designator for Connect Message
S =     Command Designator for Status Message  
ALL =     ASCII Character String Meaning ALL Transmitters
T1 =     Most Significant Digit of Transmitter Number (always 0)
T2 =     Least Significant Digit of Transmitter Number (always 1)
A1 =     Most Significant Digit of Antenna Number (always 0)
A2 =     Least Significant Digit of Antenna Number
F =     Fault Digit
          0 = Fault
          1 = Summary Fault
          3 = Connection Fault
M =     Mode Digit
          0 = Local Mode
          1 = Remote Mode
I =     Transmitter Interlock Status Digit
          0 = Open Interlock
          1 = Valid Interlock
PS =     Coaxial Transfer Switch Power Supply Status Digit
          Always 1 = Supply Normal
X =     ASCII X to End Command Message
ETB =     ASCII End of Transmission Block to End Status Response


Typical Specifications for 2 kW Average High Power/32 MHz High Frequency Model RCCR-1 X 4

Model and Name: Model RCCR-1 X 4 Remote Controlled Coaxial Relay
RF Switching Configuration: 1 Transmitter X 4 Antennas
Characteristic Impedance: 50 Ohms
Frequency Range: DC to 32 MHz
Insertion VSWR: 1.05 Maximum
Insertion Loss: 0.1 dB Maximum
Power Rating with Unity VSWR:
(5000 Ft Maximum Altitude)
2 kW Average/6 kW Peak
Cross Channel Isolation: 90 dB Minimum
Switching Speed: Less than 250 msec after operating a Path Select pushbutton switch or receiving a valid connect command
RF Connectors: Type N Receptacles for Transmitter and Antennas
RF Relay Contact Life: >1 X 106 operations
Control: Local: Pushbutton Path Selection
Remote: RS-232 or RS-422 Serial Data Interface
Local Status Display: Illuminated pushbutton indicates transmitter/antenna RF connectivity and illuminated LED indicates transmitter interlock status
Serial Data Interface: RS-232 or RS-422, baud rate selectable in standard increments from 50 through 19200 baud.
Error Detection: Parity, framing and overrun error detection prevents faulty operation of coaxial relay
Remote Control Connector: 25 Pin "D" Connector, DB-25P
Interlock Relay Contact Rating: 90 VA
Dimensions and Weight: 3.5" (89 mm) high by 19" (483 mm) wide by 12" (305 mm) deep, 10 pounds (4.5 kg)
Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 0.5 Amps
240 VAC, 50/60 Hz @ 0.25 Amps
Temperature:   Operating:  0C to +40C
Storage:     -30C to +71C

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