Model RG-4B Receiver/Generator


  • Up to 2 Watts Output
  • 5 Microvolt Receiver Sensitivity
  • 120 dB Receiver/Generator Isolation
  • 100 kHz to 29.999 MHz Operating Range
  • Digital Frequency Synthesizer Design
  • Easy Keypad Entry Operation
  • 9 Frequency Storage Registers
  • Coincidence Detector
  • Large LCD Frequency Display
  • Battery Pack for Portable Operation


    The RG-4B Receiver/Generator is Delta's newest model in its continuing line of precision RF generators and null detection receivers for impedance bridges. The RG-4B is designed as the ideal companion instrument for Delta's OIB-1 and OIB-3 MF Operating Impedance Bridges and OIB-2 HF Operating Impedance Bridge. These bridges and the RG-4B form a complete portable impedance measuring system.


    The RG-4B operating frequency range is from 100 kHz to 29.999 MHz in 1 kHz steps. The generator output is adjustable to 10 VRMS (2 Watts), 100 kHz to 20 MHz, and 4 VRMS (0.3 Watts) above 20 MHz. Receiver sensitivity is 5 microvolts with separate front panel gain controls for RF and audio levels. Generator to receiver isolation is greater than 120 dB.

    In noisy environments or under conditions of interfering signals, the generator can be modulated by an internal 50 Hz squarewave and the receiver's coincidence detector circuit will provide clean positive nulls. The generator can also be modulated by an internal 400 Hz signal at 90% modulation. When operated in this manner, the receiver provides both visual and audible null indications.

    Frequency selection is accomplished by a front panel keypad which controls a precision phase locked loop digital frequency synthesizer. The operating frequency is displayed on a large LCD front panel readout. To expedite field tests, nine storage registers provide recall of frequently used frequencies. Frequency increment and decrement keys provide manual sweeps of a chosen frequency in 1, 10, 100 or 1000 kHz steps. Separate 5 kHz increment and decrement keys simplify FCC required antenna impedance sweeps. Rechargeable batteries power the unit for field measurements for two and a half hours minimum at full RF output. The AC supply/charger operates from 120 or 240 VAC or optionally 100 or 200 VAC. The power supply will both power the unit and charge the batteries at the same time. Automatic switching to a "trickle" charge mode maintains full charge without battery damage. The lightweight construction combined with a rugged weatherproof aluminum case makes this instrument equally usable on the service bench or in the field.


    The RG-4B is designed to be used in conjunction with any conventional impedance bridge for antenna measurements in the AM Broadcast and HF bands. A dramatic improvement in signal-to-noise ratio will be realized when the RG-4B is used with the Delta Model OIB-1, OIB-2 and OIB-3 Operating Impedance Bridges. The patented circuit of the OIB series of impedance bridges places the high level generator output directly in parallel with the interfering signals on the antenna.

    With conventional bridges, the generator is attenuated by the measuring network of the bridge before competing with any interfering signals. Such operation can make nulling of the bridge difficult.

    Interference problems are virtually eliminated using the RG-4B/OIB combination. The excellent generator to receiver shielding and the dramatic improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio makes the RG-4B/OIB combination the consultant's choice for either HF or broadcast antenna impedance measurement applications.

Optional Transport Case

    A custom transport case is available for the RG-4B. The Hardigg Storm case incorporates a custom foam insert to securely protect the unit during transport. The lockable and airtight case includes casters with an extension handle. The order number for the RG-4B Transport Case is 746-0007.

RG-4B Transport Case


Frequency Range: 100 kHz to 29.999 MHz in 1 kHz steps
Generator/Receiver Isolation: Greater than 120 dB
    Output: 100 kHz to 20 MHz, Adjustable to 10 VRMS (2W) into 50 ohms
 20 MHz to 27.5 MHz, Adjustable to 5 VRMS (0.5W) into 50 ohms
27.5 MHz to 29.999 MHz, Adjustable to 4 VRMS (0.3W) into 50 ohms
    Modulation: 400 Hz 90% AM, 50 Hz square wave
    Output Connector: BNC Female
    Type: Dual Conversion Superheterodyne with AGC
    Sensitivity: 5 ÁV Nominal
    Selectivity:   -3 dB Bandwidth: 3.8 kHz
-45 dB Bandwidth: 18 kHz
    BFO: On/Off, 455 kHz ▒3 kHz
    Audio Output: Internal speaker or headphone connected to front panel phone jack
    Input Connector: BNC Female
    Battery (BAT) Battery or power supply voltage
    Generator (GEN) Generator output in VRMS
    Receiver (RCVR) Receive signal level or coincidence detector output
Charging LED: Illuminated during battery full charging, flashes during battery trickle charge, extinguished when battery not charging
Power: Battery Operation - Two 6V/7.2 Amp-Hour VRLA Batteries
Operating Time (Full Charge) - 2.5 hours nominal at 68░ F
Recharge Time - 6 hours nominal
AC Operation - Standard: 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 35 Watts
                          Optional: 100/200 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 35 Watts
Temperature: Operating:     0░ C to +40░ C
Storage:     -10░ C to +60░ C
Size: 13.5" W (343 mm) x 8" D (203 mm) x 11.25" H (286 mm)
excluding carrying handle
Weight: 24 pounds (10.9 kg) with batteries
Order Numbers: RG-4B Receiver/Generator 120 VAC with Batteries:         915-0024-001
RG-4B Receiver/Generator 240 VAC with Batteries:         915-0024-002
RG-4B Receiver/Generator 120 VAC without Batteries:    915-0024-003
RG-4B Receiver/Generator 240 VAC without Batteries:    915-0024-004
RG-4B Receiver/Generator 100 VAC with Batteries:         915-0024-005
RG-4B Receiver/Generator 200 VAC with Batteries:         915-0024-006
RG-4B Receiver/Generator 100 VAC without Batteries:    915-0024-007
RG-4B Receiver/Generator 200 VAC without Batteries:    915-0024-008

RG-4B Receiver/Generator Optional Transport Case:         746-0007

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