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Model TCA-TS-1 Transient Suppressor
For TCA Series RF Ammeter Systems


The Model TCA-TS-1 Transient Suppressor Assembly protects the Model TCA RF Ammeter System rectifier/meter unit from voltage transients coupled into the RF input of the rectifier circuit. The transient suppressor connector assembly enables field removal and replacement of the suppressor diode while maintaining on-air operation of the station.


The TCA-TS-1 Transient Suppressor Assembly comprises a Type N T-adapter and a bi-polarity silicon transient suppressor mounted in a Type N connector plug. The T-adapter installs in-line with the RF input of the rectifier circuit. The T-adapter mates with the panel mounted connector of the rectifier/meter unit and with the coaxial cable interconnecting the TCT transformer with the rectifier/meter unit. The T-adapter also provides an additional Type N connecter which mates with the transient suppressor connector. The transient suppressor diode shunts the RF input to the rectifier/meter unit and protects the rectifier diodes. The transient suppressor diode has a working peak voltage of 52 Volts and a breakdown voltage of 68 ±10% Volts. A transient voltage in excess of 68 Volts is clamped at this level thereby protecting the rectifier diodes. The bi-polarity suppressor diode has a peak power rating of 500 Watts for 1 millisecond and its response time is effectively instantaneous. Should the transient energy exceed the dissipation capability of the diode, the diode usually fails by shorting, providing an indication that the suppressor diode needs replacement.

Additional Applications

Although the TCA-TS-1 is designed to protect the TCA series of RF Ammeter Systems, the device may also be used to protect other transmitter site equipment. The working peak voltage of 52 Volts provides sufficient headroom for 20 VRMS carrier signals with 125% positive modulation, and the 500 Watt peak pulse power capability makes the suppressor assembly useful for protecting against most transient pulses. Suppressor diodes with different breakdown voltages and higher peak power capability are available on special order for protecting other transient voltage sensitive equipment.

Initial System Calibration and Field Replacement of Diode

Delta recommends that the TCA RF Ammeter System be returned to the factory for an initial calibration with the TCA-TS-1 Transient Suppressor so that the ammeter calibration includes the shunt capacitive effects of the diode and T-adapter.

A diode failure may be corrected by field replacement of the transient suppressor diode. Since the T-adapter installs in-line with the Ammeter and the diode shunts the Ammeter input, the diode may be removed and replaced while the station maintains operation. The connectorized diode is disconnected from the T-adapter and the defective diode is removed from the connector plug by unscrewing the end cap. Replacement diodes are available from Delta with the end cap and Type N center conductor pin preinstalled for accurate and quick replacement.

Model NumberDescriptionOrder Number
TCA Transient Suppressor Assembly
Replacement End Cap and Diode Assembly
Replacement Diode

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