HF/VHF/UHF Transmit/Receive Matrices and
Control Systems

    Delta's products for HF/VHF/UHF transmit and receive signal distribution include high power transmit matrices, coaxial transfer switches, coaxial relays, receive matrices, and receiver multicouplers plus matrix control units and serial interfaces for remote control and status monitoring of the transmit and receive matrices.

Announcing our Remote Controlled Coaxial Relay

    The Model RCCR-1 X 4 Remote Controlled Coaxial Relay provides locally and remotely controlled RF switching between one transmitter rated at up to 2 kW average power/6 kW peak power and four antennas operating over a DC to 32 MHz frequency range. The RCCR-1 X 4 provides four momentary pushbutton switches to locally select the antenna to be connected to the transmitter. The pushbutton switch associated with the selected antenna illuminates to indicate the connection of the antenna to the transmitter. The RCCR-1 X 4 unkeys the transmitter via the interlock circuit prior to RF switching to prevent hot RF switching. Upon completion and verification of the RF switching, the RCCR-1 X 4 closes the interlock relay to enable the transmitter to be keyed. The RCCR-1 X 4 is equipped with a RS-232 or RS-422 serial data interface to enable remotely controlled RF switching.

    The modular design of the Remote Controlled Coaxial Relay accommodates different transmitter/antenna switching requirements ranging from 1 transmitter/2 antennas to 1 transmitter/8 antennas as well as 2 transmitters/2 antennas transfer switching. Different RF power levels and operational frequency ranges varying from 2 kW average at 32 MHz/500 W average at 400 MHz to 750 W average at 32 MHz/200 W average at 400 MHz are accommodated by equipping the unit with alternate coaxial relay types or connectors.

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